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Psychology conversion funding

Hello! I’m new so sorry if this has already been asked. I am an English teacher of 20 years and would like to retrain as a clinical psychologist. I understand the NHS funds some training (although any intel on this gratefully received!) but I will need to complete a psychology conversion course first. Does anyone know if there is funding for this? Or have recommendations for a particular course? Many thanks ☺️
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if you've not already done a master's level or higher qualification you could look into whether a postgraduate master's loan from the government would cover part of it - probably would cover fees but not do much for living costs. from my experience taught master's course funding is rather difficult to come by - looking into whether there are any trusts or charities that might offer master's funding, or any scholarships at the universities you're considering will also help, but these tend to be a few hundred to a few thousand rather than covering the whole degree and living costs. It's probably unlikely you'd be able to get the master's fully funded with no student loan debt (unless there's some amazing msc psychology conversion scholarship I don't know about!). Online and part time options do exist which may help with spreading the cost/self funding while working alongside. The most important thing to look for in any Psychology conversion MSc course is that it confers Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership with the BPS - if it doesn't it is a waste of your time and money if becoming a clinical psychologist is your goal.

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