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Should I stay friends with her?

To summarise myself and my friend have been friends for almost 10 years. We are both 28.

1. My dad died last year and she text me and said she had a gift for me but never gave it to me.

2. It was my birthday and she forgot to say happy birthday - she text the next day saying how busy she has been

3. She was meant to visit me at home 2 times and told me she had to go to an event the first time with her boyfriend, second time she couldn't come for another reason.

4. She calls me her best friend and wants me to be maid of honour at her wedding.

5. She invited me over when hungover then said within the hour her and her boyfriend had to leave to go to the cinema. She ordered a burger for them ate it in front of me and then left.

Since not saying happy birthday she has BOMBARDED me with texts...she always does when she has cancelled or done something like that.

What is going on!
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It sounds like deep down you have already made your mind up that you aren’t close anymore, sometimes people drift and thats ok.
It’s important to recognise when a relationship isn’t working anymore
This isn't a good friendship, honey. I had one like this and it took me far to long to realise it. She refused to talk about it when my Dad was sick as 'it would just upset us both', her dad had died of the same thing many years previously. As I had already planned to spend a week at her house when my Dad died I invited her to accompany me to the funeral, she agreed, then when I was at her house she said she couldn't take me home for the funeral as she had been 'gifted' a holiday to America. This should have been the straw that broke the camels back, it wasn't. Through completely separate circumstances I met a mutual friend who I became close to, on realising that we had become friends she started ignoring both our texts and messages, unfriended us on Facebook and hasn't spoken to either of us since.
The moral of this story is she will keep using you when it suits her but when you're are in need she's not there. then when you show her that you no longer need her she will drop you like you never happened.

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