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English Language Speech Questions - I have it on Monday

I have my English language speech on Monday
The topic O have chosen was "persuade me to take on your favourite hobby (baking)"
I have written my speech but was wondering if I could have some help with the questions. I am aiming for a distinction

Do I need a lot of ingredients to start baking?
- One of the most wonderful things about baking is you don’t need an overwhelming number of ingredients to get started. Some of the most delicious recipes only require as little as 3 ingredients. It is essential to have flour, eggs and butter on hand so that you can create your first bake

How do you find recipes for baking?
- Well, there are thousands of recipes out there just waiting for you to try. You could visit your local library which is bound to have many cookbooks that you can borrow. In-fact, recently it has become so easy to access recipes as the internet is bursting with baking blogs that you can access from home for free

Are these answers 'perceptive and elaborative in response to the questions'?
Would you change anything?

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