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Wrong NI number

Hi, I am trying to complete mine & hubby's details to support son's loan application. I followed the link I received to complete my details but it said my NI number was already associated with an account. Yes, I already opened an account in preparation to do this. So I tried to complete my hubby's part instead but it kept logging in as me even when I put his NI number in. Now it is completely messed up as it has my details but his NI number & financial details, which it won't let me edit. Obviously I'm going to have to phone when lines open today. Has anyone else had this issue? Are SFE likely to be able to fix it promptly?
Hiya, yes a family member of mine has had problems with this before definitely give them a ring and see what they can do. I’m sure it won’t take too long for them to fix it but hopefully even by the time I’ve answered this you might’ve got through already but hopefully you get sorted soon. Have a good day
Hi there. I can see you've been advised above. Any other questions then do let us know. Thanks, David

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