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I came across a empty pregnancy test wrapper in gf's litter... watch

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    (Original post by returnmigrant)
    Because you dont know the circumstances, dates etc. You are just jumping to an immediate, and very male orientated, conclusion.

    (Have you even thought about the possibility that it might not even be her's ..... it might have been for friend she's helping through a crisis, as just one possibility.)
    Might have been yes, but thats not a certainty.

    I may be jumping to conclusions- but its better to do that then to sit back while things potentially happen.

    I'm cynical for a reason here-- I don't know the dates, but me not knowing dates makes no odds to the actions of others. Dates don't really prove or disprove much.

    Knowing what actually happened does. Which unfortunately explains the purpose of this thread-- since I don't actually know. Its all speculative.

    The only way you will find out is by talking to her - soon, and gently.

    (Original post by returnmigrant)
    The only way you will find out is by talking to her - soon, and gently.
    ^ exactly.

    We can't tell you OP whether or not in there's a 3rd person involved. Seems very unlikely with you guys moving in together etc. If I were you I'd stop all the speculating which cant be doing you any good and just ask her straight up - dont be accusatory or confronting, its not a good foundation for any relationship, you need to trust. I'd probably just mention a hey, i saw clearblue rapper in the bin? she'll more than likely explain herself. Problem solved.

    If she has been cheating then surely youd rather know now than later? And if she hasnt then your worries are put to rest. Maybe she can open up to you too, perhaps she was worried you might have got her pregnant - perhaps she wants to talk about your contraception options etc etc

    Good luck

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Not sure if your been sarcastic here...but I'll be straight up...

    Not recently no (as stated in earlier posts). Last time was probably between 14-28 days. Certainly at some point last month, but I'd say probably closer to three weeks realistically.
    Sounds entirely plausible that you could have got her pregnant, in that case.

    Ask her if she's pregnant. When she asks why you are asking, say you noticed the test wrapper. See what she says. Easy.

    This is not rude or overstepping it. What if the test was positive? If she really was pregnant you would have to know, anyway.

    It's likely the test was about sex you had. However, if she was cheating on you, that's also what she'd tell you, so you won't really learn anything else except if she's pregnant or not.
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