How do I reference this?

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    How do I refence a passage quoted from an e-book/online book which has no page numbers?

    The bibliography is no problem but I need to reference where I got the quote from which is usualy just a simple footnote e.g 'Plato, p.12.' - but I can't do this without pg numbers.

    For example, quote: "I cannot get rid of the feeling of the many to which Cebes was referring-the feeling that when the man dies the soul may be scattered, and that this may be the end of her."


    The marker would have a bit of difficulty find the quote in that.


    Is there not another book in which you could put 'Plato as found in ...., page ...' If not, I am not completly sure.

    In order of decreasing goodness.
    Plan a: google for the key words i.e. 'man dies soul scattered cebes' and find it in a google book (which you can reference as if you read the paper edition) or find someone else quoting it in a piece of academic writing and either quote it indirectly or just rip off their reference list... That last option is a bit fraudulent but undetectable if the person you're ripping off did their referencing properly.

    Plan b: quote the source you've got as a web page and put 'no page number'

    academics are power users and will probably control F it on a web page if they're bothered. (if it being marked by a philosopher they probably remember what plato said about souls anyway)

    Using n.p. is generally acceptable i.e. (Smith, 2012: n.p.)

    Assuming you're using Harvard that is. There are other ways to do it as well but as long as you remain consistent it shouldn't be a problem...unless you have a really pedantic tutor
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    Thanks folks. I was just using Plato as an example - that wasn't what I was trying to reference (it's widely available in book form). But I found a Google book (with page numbers - woohoo) for the text I was quoting, so it's fine. For future reference, I now know about 'n.p', learn something new everyday here .
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Updated: March 8, 2012
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