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    So I've been working at Debenhams for around 6/7 weeks now and am generally managing to keep up with the numerous tasks and responsibilities that I am given.

    However, there is one aspect of the job that I'm having real difficulty with; opening Debenhams MasterCard accounts. We're told that we should ask every customer if they'd like to open a Debenhams card and we're promised a 30p bonus for every account we successfully open.

    They did (eventually) give me the accounts training that should help me become proficient in opening new accounts, however the training was little more than half an hour long for what I'd argue is the most complicated procedure of the job (setting up a new account is likely to take around 10 minutes). As such, I remember barely anything about how it should be done.

    I would love to ask one of my colleagues to go through it with me, but we've suddenly become very busy (I guess people have started their christmas shopping) and nobody has the time. I can't find any helpful information online and it's not as if I can simply avoid working on tills until christmas is over (although that would be great).
    To make matters worse, mystery shopper season has just started (from October 2nd through November) and mystery shoppers will be focused on how well we go about offering and setting up Debenhams accounts. So, you know, no pressure or anything, but if I mess it up and negative feedback gets back because of me, everyone will despise me (oh and also I'll probably get fired).

    So, to all Debenhams employees past or current,
    Do you have any information or advice for how I should go about opening a Debenhams account?

    Obviously a full walkthrough would be awesome, but anything you can tell me would really help me out a lot.

    Thanks in advance.

    It really interesting that you say that you are expected to ask every customer if they want to open an account and you're given a bonus for each successful application. I thought all this ended with the financial crash in 2008-ish - I had no idea it was still going on.
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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