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Sharing a house with people who do drugs watch

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    I've recently signed a house contract for next year with for a house of 6. After signing the contract I have discovered that two of them do drugs. One only does weed while the other takes all kinds of stuff like ket and mdma. The other 4 of us would never touch the stuff. While I don't have a problem with people taking drugs as its their lives not mine it the thought of sharing a house with people who do drugs makes me feel extremely nervous and was not a situation I ever imagined I would find myself in. Sometimes I find myself considering dropping out of uni as I'm so worried about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to tell my parents as I have no idea how they would react as they assume we are all a really close friendship group which isn't actually the case. Thanks

    If you've got four flatmates who don't take drugs and two who do, then at least you've got numbers on your side. It might help to have some clear rules, like not leaving drugs out in shared parts of the house, or not using them there.

    I've stayed in houses with drug users before, and as long as they're clear about what you will and will not put up with they've always been okay in my experience

    In terms of the specific drugs you mentioned, MDMA and Ketamine are usually the sort of thing that people take on nights out or at parties rather than just around the house at home, so that will *probably* be less of a problem. Weed stinks, and the smell gets everywhere, so perhaps you could ask them not to smoke it indoors?

    I hope that helps :/

    the more important factor is whether or not they're considerate

    drug users can be hell to live with or very easy, same as non drug users... having a musical instrument, boyfriend, or just being messy can be just as problematic... what you need to do is just make sure there are some ground rules so that their drug use doesn't impact you or the house (e.g. no groups of friends taking drugs in your house, no dealing/buying at your house, no drugs in communal areas, no smoking indoors)

    Just report them.

    Most recreational drugs don't make people violent and rowdy like alcohol does, so you have nothing to worry about.
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