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I feel like she's losing interest... watch

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    Hiya, just wanted to add i'm 29, and she's 25

    we've been together since the beginning of the year, i now feel like she's losing interest. not really sure what to do

    we're really close considering the short time, we'll see each other 3 days a week at least usually and spend a night each week together.

    she did tell me at the beginning she suffers from depression, so i don't know if this could be making her act differently. the past 2 weeks she's seemed less interest. we're still meeting but it's just little things like she doesn't seem as excited when we meet like she used to. she's stopped screenshotting my snapchats. we went away last weekend and she didn't really seem like she enjoyed it, although she did say she was feeling depressed at the time so i guess that is why she wouldn't enjoy it.

    i've tried to be there for her with the depression like i've said absolutely anything i can do just call me.

    i don't really know what to do, i don't want to lose her, we get along so well she's such a nice person. our sense of humour is exactly the same. pretty rare to meet someone like this nowdays.

    i'm seeing her later, not sure whether to speak about it or leave it and see what happens. i wish it didn't bother me so much
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    thought i'd add to this -

    i do suffer from anxiety so i hope all this is just me overthinking.

    i think the trigger for this was a few weeks ago, we'll always message good night to each other or let each other know we got home ok. one morning i woke up and hadn't had a message saying she hadn't got back so kinda worried if she was ok. before that everything seemed fine, i wasn't worrying about anything at all.

    Is she bipolar?


    You may have caught her during a manic high phase. And now she's going through a depressive low phase.
    IE it's more to do with her and her inner world than anything you've done. Although if you've been stressing her out that may have been a trigger for her current state.

    All you can do is carry on being your calm, kind, loving, thoughtful, supportive, most positive, best version yourself.
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