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Feelings for my best friend

When we met we liked eachother and dated briefly but decided we worked better as friends and stopped. I was fine with that at the time and we’ve got closer as friends since to the point where we are best friends but recently ive had feelings for her come back.

i cant tell her because it will just make everything awkward and i dont want to lose her as a friend but its also driving me mad. When i like someone i tend to lose romantic interest in anyone else so ive actually turned other girls down because of it. I know i have no chance with her now because shes talking to this other guy who has his life together already hes got a house, a car, a good job, loads of money and stuff like that. Only thing stopping them from dating is that he lives like on the other side of the country. Also im planning on moving countries like next year so there would be no point in starting anything now but the feelings are still there and idk what to do with them

Ive been trying to get over it for ages now but i cant shake it i just dont know what to do
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I know how it feels. But I believe feelings are temporary. If you tell her bout your feelings now, you will lose friendship too. It is better to focus on your future; if she is meant for you, you will get her no matter what.
good luck i've been there before.

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