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Need opinions.

I’ve been friends with this guy for over a year now, however I knew that he had a ‘thing’ for me throughout our friendship, as his friends and other people told me. Well, at the start of October we started messaging each other more frequently and after about 2 weeks of hanging out everyday (we go to same sixth form) and texting everyday we started to progress to being more than just friends and I started developing feelings for him. He was nice to me every day, we have our own inside jokes etc. However, due to my anxiety I always had doubted his true intentions, but he would prove me wrong most of the time.
To cut a long story short, we ended up sleeping together in December, and we slept together twice (different days). We made it official the day after sleeping together for the 1st time.
Everything seemed really good for ages, up until last couple of weeks. We don’t text any more at all, because he doesn’t put in effort, however we still hang around each other when we’re in sixth form. Everything seems great in person, minus the few odd days where he doesn’t wanna talk much. It seems like he only gives me the attention I want when he feels like it.
Anyway, I feel like he was only after one thing as he’s stopped behaving the same way as before. It seems like after sleeping together he’s not really as interested. I asked him why he doesn’t put in as much effort and he said he wants to focus on A Levels, but I can’t help but feel used.
Why do guys only want one thing?
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