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I was 17. It’s normal to be nervous but make sure you’re prepared so walking into the unknown doesn’t add to the stress. I watched recorded tests on YouTube and they really helped
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18, but failed first time at 17. Key advice is don't do anything stupid on your test, failed my first one within the first 5 minutes cause I tried to overtake a cyclist on the brow of a hill. Anyway, goodluck!

I'd say go in with the mentality that you'll pass, half of it is psychological.

Be confident with your maneuvers before you take the test. Like really confident.

Have your instructor take you on the routes as practice. Familiarise yourself with the tricky parts of each route, for example slowing down to 5 mph for certain gaps. The examiner will be checking if you check your mirrors, look at all 3 every 5 seconds.

Learn the show me tell me questions.

Good luck :smile:
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Obviously focus, but don’t let the fact of it being a driving test faze you. Treat it like a normal drive, which to be honest it is. If you get a talkative examiner, depending on how confident you are, you could even talk to them to relax you. I talked to my examiner throughout because that made me feel like i was just driving normally.You can, if you really want, put music on the radio during the exam. The more you think of that exam, the more pressure it’s going to put.

You’ll want to ensure that you thoroughly know the test area, and any tricky roundabouts or junctions around it. Make sure that you can plan way in advance before reaching a junction, cos you don’t want to hit a tricky junction and make a rash decision. Go around the hard junctions or multi lane roundabouts with a close person or instructor.

Also, just drive slower on approach to junctions. Give yourself plenty of time to choose the right lane, and ensure your lane discipline is good.

Good luck and hope u do well 😉
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28 😄
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17 - passed the first time. Be confident, make sure you know your tell me questions so you don't get silly minors for that, practice your maneuvers. If you have a friend or family that would allow you to slap some L plates on, you can take out a month of learner insurance and drive with them which really does help. If you do some private lessons, download your local test center's test routes onto your sat nav and go through some of them. You could ask your driving school if they could give you a different instructor to do a mock test with to put the nerves into you and make it a more realistic exercise by not sitting with someone you know. And lastly, just do as many lessons as you can leading up to your test.

Best of luck!
18 (nearly 19)
18, few months to 19 though
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update I passed my driving test with 5 minors first time!! :smile:
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