Jealousy in relationships

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First of all, I recognise that it's an unhealthy emotion and I would never try to stop a boyfriend doing anything.
I've been cheated on/dumped for someone else so many times that I eventually gave up and was happy single.
I've got a boyfriend now and it's going well, but i'm scared to get hurt yet again.
I've got a great life but with men i've just had terrible luck, even others comment on how unlucky I am.
I think i'm great, attractive and a lot to offer, surely that's what matters right ?
If they think someone else is better than me then I get that's their problem, but it just hurts when they seem to think someone is better than me every single time.
So now, if there are signs the guy i'm with is attracted to someone else, I feel a sense of dread.
I think if somebody wants to cheat they will, and there's nothing you can do. Anyone else feel this way ? How can I prevent getting hurt yet again ?
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What makes you think he is attracted to someone else? It could be that because of your past experiences you are almost waiting for it to happen and that makes you misread things?

Also, I would say that in a relationship people are going to be attracted to other people, but it is how they act on this attraction that makes the difference. I can find someone attractive but there is nothing that would make me cheat my girlfriend.

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