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Hi there. I am returning to study after 10years. I initially studied in 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. I left in 2012 before the end of the last term as I had been arrested and the court case took a year to go through. I was studying for American studies and history at the time and therefore would not have been able to spend a term in America until the court case had been concluded. I am returning to do a law degree. My question is will I get an extra year funding on the basis that I was under immense stress due to the court case. I was also being chased for arrears of rent of other housemates in my tenancy agreement as they had left. It will cost top get a transcript from court but is this enough to warrant and extra years funding support? thanks
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The calculation they use is your new course + 1 year - previous study. In your case (I assume a 3 year course) 3 + 1 - 2 = 2 year full funding. Your first year's tuition fee will be missing without proving compelling personal reasons. Unfortunately, SFE work this out case by case. The more evidence you can get to back you up, the better. Any professional (doctor, teacher, counsellor, your lawyer) at the time willing to give a statement about it? If you want to avoid paying for your transcript first off, you could always include a letter to Student Finance saying you can get hold of it if it will help, you haven't done so yet as it's a cost to you. (sign and date the letter).

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