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Extra year of funding

I attended uni for a year and left. I changed to a new one and repaid my maintenance loan from the previous year (they took it in instalments from my new loan) so that's all sorted.

in 1st year of my new course though, due to a variety of mental and physical health problems I failed. I got a full retake of the year, tuition fee free - but used another year of my maintenance loan. Now, I have to apply for an extra year of funding for my final year of uni, due to the retake.

I'm so nervous about this, I'm not sure when/how I'm supposed to go about it. Or if I'll even be able to apply to begin with. Any advice?
Hi mlm2002,

To get funding for an extra year of funding when having already used your Additional Year of funding that all new students are offered you will need to send us Compelling Personal Reasons from a previous year of study that you didn't progress from. Once you make your new application you will have to upload a cover letter outlining the reasons along with supporting evidence (for example, a letter from your GP)

It's currently taking around 16 working days to review Compelling Personal Reasons evidence


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