How to learn how to think about yourself

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I want to know how I can stop overthinking and thinking/caring about other things as I want to learn how to sort my own issues.
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Hey! I totally understand how you are feeling and it's totally normal to be thinking like this. What matters, is that you are trying to work on yourself and figure things out.. good job! What I can tell you right now is to maybe provide me with more information on how you are feeling and if you are comfortable. What causes you to overthink? (what are you overthinking about e.g school issues, family, etc?) Do you struggle with finding empathy for others? Just know you are not alone and that others are going through the same issues and that there are people that can and want to help you. I find sometimes talking out loud to myself could be helpful if I don't wanna share. And don't talk down to yourself, be kind to yourself- you are trying your best

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