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How can i Embrace my bad habits
Original post by Zizie17
How can i Embrace my bad habits

i think if they're "bad" as in the way of being detrimental to yourself or others, then it would be much more beneficial for you to gradually get rid of those "bad habits".
however, if they're habits that are rather unique to you, but you don't feel as though you appreciate them enough, then i think it's really just a matter of introspection and asking yourself questions such as: "how would i feel if i restricted these small bits of myself that make up my personality?" and "would i genuinely be happy if i did restrict myself constantly to befriend people i think are ideal?" and "would all the energy i put into consciously changing myself around others be worth it?" etcetc
they may seem like cliche questions and queries, but when you truly take the time to ponder over and authentically answer these types of questions, i think you'd come to the realisation that life's truly, truly too short to spend so much time and energy pedantically worrying over things like this
i hope i've managed to answer your question and give you something to think about
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i have ocd, my whole life atm is engaging in bad habits that only dig me into a deeper hole but i am learning not to beat yourself up about it, if you make mistakes its okay, its a good thing you are recognising they are indeed bad, some people live in their own ignorance, as long as you are safe in this very moment, theres always time to work on yourself, old habits die hard as they say and they will it just takes time
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What are your main bad habits? Then I can tell you how to embrace each and every one of them…

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