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Im a Psychology student at Kent, ask me anything!

Hey everyone:h:

Im currently a final year Psychology student at the University of Kent! I wanted to share my experience and help anyone who might have questions about Psychology or studying at Kent.

Feel free to ask away and I will do my best to give informative responses!

Joanna- Uni of Kent rep
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Favourite topic you've studied so far?
Original post by Meduse
Favourite topic you've studied so far?

Hey :smile:

It's really difficult to pinpoint just one because we study so many interesting topics. In my first year I chose forensic psychology as a module and I loved learning about the development of offending. In second year my favourite topic was probably Biopsychology and in particular exploring the effects that different drugs have on individuals with depression and schizophrenia.

Joanna- Uni of Kent rep
Hi Joanna I would like to know how teaching,lecturers and exams and modules are when studying psych at Kent.Also are there are downsides you had or know of .Many thanks.:smile:

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