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Short menstrual cycle

Hi I'm almost 18 and I have a short menstrual cycle - normally around 22 days which I believe is a bit shorter than the average length. I've been to my doctor about this several times and the only thing they said is that if I want to fix it, I'd need to go on the pill which I don't want to do. I'm already on vitamin B and vitamin C supplements but has anyone been in a similar situation and found a way to improve their cycle length? I find that it really messes with my emotions having periods more often and so any advice would be much appreciated!
Hiya, sorry you're feeling this way but it's totally normal my cycle usually last around the same time as your and i'm a lot older than you 27 years old almose 28 btw. Interms of improving my cycle i haven't done much i just learnt to accept it, i know at first you feel like the odd one out but i learnt to accept it for what it was. And please don't feel pressured by the doctor to take the mini pill, as it's your body and your choice. In terms of emotions i understand where you are coming from cause i have the same issue but as time goes on you'll learn to accept the normal- i have been on the pill but not in regards to the matter you've mentioned however it does temporarily stop the cycle, but you may still feel emotional etc like you would when your cycle is on it's way or when your on your cycle, the emotion doesn't go away just the cycle. But when i came off the pill it took a while for my cycle to come back which is normal however once my cycle arrived it was still the same as before (but saying that everyones body is different). you'll have a lot of lows than highs nearer to your cycle but that's normal too. It's completly normal for us females to have shorter cycles than others doesn't make us odd, or strange it's totally fine x

i hope this helps and wishing you all the best in life x
Mini pill will do little to control periods, but can make them lighter or even non existent.

Combined pill would allow total control - you could take up to 3 packs together and only have a period every 3x21 days.

Do you have a bf?

There is no magical way to alter cycle length - just be aware that some people with short cycles can have trouble conceiving (short luteal phase).

Why so reluctant to accept the pill, when it's really the only solution to your issue - other than to live with it?!
No I don't have a bf right now and will obs be a while before I want to conceive (but will want to in the future). I'm a bit reluctant to go on the pill because I feel like it will only mask the issue but I'm looking for a more permanent fix as I want to make sure I'm healthy. I've had some muscle/bone issues and was told that it's really important to have normal regular periods for that so another reason why. Thanks for replying :smile:

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