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Dating in London as someone who's trans

I grew up in a part of the UK which doesn't have much people so my pool of people who might've had an interest in me was low already; mix in the fact I'm trans means that I've been single for my whole life. I was wondering, since I'm moving to university in London, would the dating scene be better?
Hi so if you feel comfortable with dating someone that makes you feel happy then go for it although i haven't had much experience myself either so i'm not exactly sure how it would be, but it depends on how you want the relationship to be because if someone is building a toxic relationship its best to leave and plus you should feel more outgoing and experience a more better social life that fits you best so that you can build stronger relationships with those around you and then find your one. I hope you find a good relationship. Good luck.
Hi anon! I feel like the last user's reply didn't really address the topic of your question, so I'll share my advice as a fellow trans person from the UK. Depending on where exactly you grew up (feel free to DM me if you want more specific advice), it's pretty likely that London will have a lot more potential partners. It's a very diverse city compared to a lot of places in the UK, and its sheer size boosts the numbers too. Plus, since most of the unis are fairly central, you will almost certainly find a lot of LGBTQ+ people in the cultural centres of the city. Also, being at uni (presumably in halls if you're going for your first year), you'll see a lot of people of a similar age to you and our age group (or at least our generation, I suspect we're not quite the same age haha) is one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly groups you'll find. Of course, there will be a lot of people against you, given the country's political climate and the general lack of progressiveness from a sad amount of the population, but I genuinely think that in general, you'll find it pretty accepting. Just go out there with an open mind and a friendly demeanour, and I'm sure you will meet people to befriend or bewitch as you live your life <3
It'll be significantly easier to find people to date.

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