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Gcse speech

Heyy! So I have my gcse speech assessment for English in two weeks and my first draft is due on Thursday and I’m struggling to pick a topic. I really had my heart set on period poverty however someone in my class is already doing that and I’d prefer for them to not think I have copied them. I have a few ideas and if anyone could help me pick or suggest some more interesting ones it would be a massive help.

My current ideas:

- Gender roles being placed on children from a young age and sexism in childhood
- Hollywood fails to protect its stars
- Men have been dictating the ideal image of a woman for too long
- Our parents had it easier than us as children
- How school ruins mental health
- toxic masculinity can ruin a man from a young age

These are a few ideas and I’m very open to suggestions!
I've just done my spoken language and I did it on an anthology poem lmaoo
I would say you should pick the thing you're most passionate about! And the thing that you can talk forever about because that makes the whole process so much easier and more fun haha
Good luck! :smile:
(p.s. if you were to ask me which one of your shortlist I would pick, it would be either the 2nd or 3rd one. the last one seems pretty good as well!)

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