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help! which laptop should i get for sixth form?

i'm currently a y11 student sitting gcses right now, but for sixth form i am moving schools. my current school has a no technology policy, but my new school requires a microsoft surface laptop for schoolwork. my parents previously agreed to getting me a macbook after gcses as a combined bday gift / end of gcses / getting into a prestigious sixth form present, but the school has sent out an email about the policy stating that microsoft surface laptops are recommended and macbooks should not be bought if they havent alr, so im looking for a surface but i have no idea as to which one to get as i dont usually go for windows / android
my requirements for a laptop are that
- it must have a stylus
- it must be touchscreen
- it must be able to rotate 360 degrees
- it must have sufficient processing power and be a relatively new model

without taking money into account, which surface would you guys recommend if you have one! i'm taking maths, history, economics and spanish so no design work but possibly many essays + notes

thank you so much and good luck to everyone doing gcses / a levels / finals rn!
Hi. I have a Microsoft Surface pro and I’d really recommend it.
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I would also like to know the same

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