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Was this a polite way of calling me plain/unattractive?

I'm not sure how to interpret what this guy said, so I'll explain what happened then see what guys on this forum think. Personally I think it was a bit odd, but oh well...

I was strolling through a shopping centre when these two girls, minor IG influencers, saw me and said, "oh my god you're pretty". (I think they are minor influencers on IG and wanted another follower.) They asked me if I wanted to join them on a night out or something, but I politely declined.

Then a guy - presumably their friend, or one of their boyfriends - walked up to them both. One of the girls said, 'oh we've just met ___, isn't she the most stunning girl?", and the guy said, in front of me, "hmm....she's cute." I thought that was a polite way of disagreeing with them, of saying I'm not actually that attractive.

Then the girls left, and the guy hung around for a minute, and said to me, "are your eyes really that colour or are they contacts?" (I have blue - grey eyes, which might have stood out with my tan). "...oh, they're real". And then he said, a bit awkwardly, "....I don't know why I just asked you that". I found it all very confusing, to be honest.

I'm not sure whether that guy was trying to politely tell me that I'm not very attractive, which isn't a major deal to me, but it does bruise my self esteem a teeny bit.
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I don't think you need to think much into it, I don't think he was trying to suggest you were unattractive to him, judging at the girls and the lad he probably didn't want to seem attracted to you in the presence of their partner (if we assume that). I know of friends that would respond that way out of respect for their partner or to not reveal their true opinion out of fear or criticism or discretion. You dealt with the situation well and no need to fret over it. Take care.

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