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Should I complain to manager?

I went to a phone repair shop where a young Indian guy, assisted me. He quoted a price, which I agreed to. After fixing the phone, when I went to collect it, he showed me a different price than what I thought he had initially mentioned.

The bill came to £70, but I went back and politely mentioned that I thought we had agreed on £60. Unfortunately, his response was extremely aggressive. He started shouting at me, calling me cheap, stingy, and accusing me of lying and trying to scam him. It escalated quickly, with his level of verbal aggression. I was taken aback by his behaviour.

Due to the level of aggression, I asked him to review the CCTV footage to determine the price he had originally quoted. In the recording, it was hard to distinguish between £70 and £60. The video didn't provide a clear resolution to the issue, so it remained unresolved.

Honestly, if he had calmly stated, "No, it was £70. You must have misheard," I would have accepted it. I admit that during our initial conversation, I wasn't fully focused as I was on another call with my other phone. I think due to his accent and my lack of concentration, I misunderstood the price as £60 so thinking back, he was definitely right he must have said £70, and it was my mistake. I just wasn’t concentrating/fully listening.

Furthermore, I noticed that the screen he fixed was slightly popping out and not fully connected. When I asked why he said that it was because the exterior of the phone was bent, preventing the screen from fitting perfectly. I'm not entirely sure if that was the actual cause, but either way, I was disappointed with the quality of the repair.
In an attempt to exert control, he threatened to undo the repair if we didn't pay the £70. Faced with an uncomfortable situation and not wanting to prolong the confrontation, I decided to pay and leave.

Now I'm uncertain about my next steps. Financially, £70 isn't a significant amount for me, but it's more about the fact that the aggressive encounter was embarrassing, especially in front of my girlfriend. It had a negative impact on her, and she felt scared and upset, which affected the rest of her day. She didn't really speak to me afterward, not because she was angry with me, but because she was genuinely frightened and preferred to stay in bed.

Considering the circumstances, I'm unsure if I should return to the shop and speak to the manager to file a complaint, or if I should just let it go. I'm uncertain about what the manager could actually do in this situation. They might dismiss my complaint or respond aggressively by suggesting that I bring the phone back so they can remove the new screen, leaving me with the broken phone. However, I hope that the manager would handle the situation more professionally and provide a satisfactory solution

Any advice what I should do?
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The fact that he immediately got aggressive makes me think that this might not be your fault - if it were a genuine mistake on your part, I think he would've calmly explained it to you as you mentioned. Getting aggressive (especially with the name-calling, highly unprofessional) seems like a tactic to get you to back off quicker so you're less likely to protest further. I feel like in that case, there's a fair chance the manager is in on it and would then back up the worker.
I would leave a detailed, bad review clearly warning others what had happened and I'd warn friends and family if it happens to come up in conversation. It could be worth reporting this to some kind of watchdog too, although I'm not well-versed in that sort of thing so I won't say too much.

(obligatory i'm just a guy on the internet)

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