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Which is better and has a stronger physics program Durham or Kings collage or Edinburgh
Probably broadly similar, I'd consider Edinburgh to probably be narrowly ahead of the other two personally but I don't think there's a great difference between them. I'd say focus on the other differences between them - e.g. living in a big city (Edinburgh/London) vs not (Durham), collegiate format (Durham) vs city campus unis (Edinburgh/KCL), cost of living differences, travel distances if you will be going home between terms (or during term for visits), specific facilities offered by one or another (e.g. if only one offers facilities for "extreme underwater basket weaving" or whatever your special interest might be :wink: ) etc :smile:
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I heard from some that Durham is better than Edinburgh and this was a complete surprise to me so I’m asking around. I recently got two offers from Durham and kings and I am waiting on the decision from Edinburgh

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