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how does clearing actually work?

For clearing, if you choose a university and you get rejected I heard that you can then pick another university but if you get rejected from the second university as well then does that mean you are unable to go into clearing anymore? is there a limited number of times you can choose a university through clearing?
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On Results Day you call each Uni with spaces and ask if they will accept your grades for the course you want.
Only then would you 'apply' - ie. submit your application to a specific Uni who was actually offering you a place in Clearing.

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Hey @TreeGoatFree

On results day, you can ring up as many universities as you like to see if they have a place, you can receive an offer from more than one university too.

For example, you may ring University A on results day, and they offer you a place but you want to see if University B can offer you a place too. You ring University B too but they can't offer you a place. So you ring university C too. University C also offers you a place.

You now hold a place with university A and university C, but you can only choose one as your clearing choice. So you do some research about each university and course and decide you want to go to university A. You put university A as your clearing choice on UCAS and University C is automatically declined.

I hope that makes sense! We have lots of easy-to-understand info on our website too:


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