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changing insurance potentially

ive applied for my frim and insurance yesterday but im having second thoughts about it, i picked it since it was ranked higher than my second insurance choice, but now im not sure if i can afford living in that city if i don't get into my firm

i heard you can call ucas and change ur choices two weeks within picking them, however the date for firming and choosing an insurance is today so would i only have today to do it?

but at the same time i don't want to be making rash decisions since i could've picked the other university option and still regretted it, im just very stuck and it's stressing me on top of a level revision
The 2 weeks to swap by ringing ucas applies over the deadline. If you change your mind then ring UCAS.

Even after 2 weeks (but before mid July ) you can ring ucas to swap your replies. But then they need agreement from your universities. I’ve never known a university refuse a reply swap but they can sometimes take a while to notify ucas that they agree.

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