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How many times/days a week Is a full time college course? If you were to study 1 or 2 courses?
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It depends on the college, courses, and how lucky you are with timetabling. A friend of mine did 3 courses but because of how the timetable was structured all their lessons were only on 3 days of the week, while most people doing 3 courses were in 5 days a week. With fewer courses you're more likely to be in fewer days, unless the course has more content in which case it might be equivalent to more than 1 course.
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It really does depend! And quite often, you’re also not in for the full day/doing timetables lessons the full day

For example one of my friends does engineering and he was only in 3 days a week, but those 3 days were on the longer side with him being in until 5 some days. Then I had a friend taking drama last year, he was in 4 days a week of reasonable length 9-3
Comparatively, I did a levels at the same college and was only in for 16 timetabled hours across 4 days. This year I was mostly in for the whole day, but I only had 1 day where my whole day was filled with lessons. Every other day had at least one free period. So although I only had 16ish timetabled hours, I actually was usually in for more like 24 hours a week. But then different friends on different courses and taking different A Levels had more or less time in college I had some who were in 5 days a week purely due to their combination of subjects but that 5th day was only 1 lesson usually, and some who were only in 3 days but those 3 days were quite full on. And even at AS Level I was in college less because my lessons were more jammed together!

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