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Just wondering if anyone knows any courses which have elements of both these subjects?

It's unlikely that you will get a niche subject that would incorporate both subjects; they'e very different (as someone who studied in both areas in A/AS Level).

Having said that, there are joint degrees and Natural Science degrees that offer both subjects (there is a niche topic that does involve both though, although it's more psychology than anything: See the following:

Do note that none of the above are BPS accredited (see:, so if you're looking for a joint degree that would allow you to go into clinical psychology, you're out of luck. If this is something you want to do and you still want to have done geography (irrespective of whether you will use the degree or not), then you would need to do at least 2 degrees, either:

Geography undergrad + BPS accredited psychology conversion course

BPS accredited psychology degree + MA Human Geography (physical geography requires you to have done an undergrad with significant physical geography content)

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