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Fitness levels have fallen off a cliff

I used to be a really good runner, I was a member of my local running team and I’d run on the roads 3 or 4 times a week and the rest of the time I’d either go the gym or go swimming. But then COVID happened and I ran 4 or 5 miles on the roads every day for about 15 months until my knees just gave up on me.

Since then I’ve left my running team and only run on the roads once a month if that, I go swimming 4 days of the week now, 2 days I’ll go the gym and one day I’ll have a rest day and just go for a walk.

I’m fine swimming and going the gym but if I try road running my fitness levels have just fallen off a cliff. Before COVID I would run 4 miles in about 24/25 minutes but now it takes me about 30/31 minutes and after about 2 miles I’m just knackered.

Is this normal?
I’m quite similar but on a different scale. I used to be able to run 26 mins for 5k now despite going for regular 15 min runs (I’m not keen on long distance) for weeks I struggle to run 1 mile in under 10 mins.

I attempted a 2 mile run but didn’t get past 17 mins I was just knackered and my breathing has been scaring me a bit lately. I was told I am at high risk of developing asthma (due to my sinus issues and family history) so every breathing sensation out of the ordinary turns me into a wimp.
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Different sets of muscles work fo running and swimming, so it completely makes sense if you can swim well but find it harder to get back in shape running. If you want to do it in a healthy way you should start slow and a shorter distance, slowly increasing either distance or speed. At first it might seem too easy but your muscles have to get used to running.

I'm a former competitive runner and I recover from a knee injury.

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