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Engineering at Oxbridge or CS at other top uni

Hey, I've been having lots of trouble trying to figure out what it is that I want to pursue at uni. Before starting year 12 I wanted to do cs, then I changed my mind to engineering and for that purpose I picked maths, chemistry and physics, but then I changed my mind and wanted to do cs. However by this point it was too late.

I've also had a sort of aspiration to study at oxbridge and still partially have that desire. However, during the course of year 12 I've discovered that im not particularly passionate about any subjects really, not even engineering or cs. I'm more interested in the career that will pay me the most. However, I do think I have a slight affinity towards cs (i took it at GCSE's and got a 9), and I do enjoy the idea of software engineering.

My problem falls into the fact that do to my indecisiveness I never managed to come to a conclusion as to what to pursue, as a result of this I never did any supercurriculars. Now, I'd love to try and do cs at Oxford or Cambridge but from what I've read it's impossible for me without having taken further maths (which my school did offer). I think it could be possible to get into engineering without it though.

I wanted to primarily ask if I should aim to get into engineering at Oxford (or Cambridge) and focus my personal statement on that (as well as my summer trying to do supercurriculsrs like online masterclasses etc.) or if I should aim to get into cs at a London University like imperial. I'm wondering if there is any big difference in career trajectory/opportunity taking cs at imperial (or another top ranked uni) as opposed to oxbridge, and whether engineering at oxbridge could provide a career with more money than a degree in cs from someplace else.

(My predicted grades atm are A*A*A which could possible change to A*A*A* by September and my GCSEs were all 9s apart from French, my subjects included both engineering and cs at GCSE)

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