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I need some guidance
So I am currently switches courses at a college which means I’m going to be in college for another 2 years instead of one. Majority of my peers are going to be going off to uni next year as well as my friends from a uni residential I recently went on. I keep thinking about how I am not going to be with them on the first year of uni. Has any1 been through something similar and can offer some support?
Hi there,

I can understand your concerns now that you have changed courses, but honestly try not to worry about keeping up with what stage your friends are at in comparison. I know this can be difficult at times, but if you've chosen a course at college that will get you on to your preferred degree or career in a few years, it will all be worth it so well done for that! You will likely meet new people on your new course that you may have similar interests in so when your current friends go to uni you will have the opportunity to connect with new people at college, the gym, sports clubs etc.

You could always ask to travel to your current friends' uni and go on nights out or fresher activities with them too so you don't miss out! Lots of my friends from college moved away and I stayed with them for nights out in their city for freshers so I didn't feel like I'd missed out, i did this a lot especially for the first month! As time went on I didn't travel up as much as I'd have liked to as I started to make friends at Teesside and started going out with them - but we all kept in touch and are all still friends now even 4 years after graduation!

As much as you may feel like your friends are starting a new chapter at uni whilst you redo college, believe me when i say when you get to uni or the world of work there will be so many types of people there that you will meet, this is just the beginning :smile:

Good luck,
@The student Dan

Even though your peers are going off to uni, they too will have to adjust to not hanging out together all the time as they meet new people.

You will still have the chance to visit people on weekends and they will likely come down for the holidays, so there will still be opportunities to meet up, but as you all go further in your different directions this may become more difficult.

It is difficult when you feel you like people are moving forward without you, but when friends go to different universities and do different courses then friendships can naturally drift just because you are moving in different directions.

This might be more difficult this coming year, but next year, when all being well you are at university, getting to know new people and making new friends it will be easier.

Good friendships are worth hanging on to, so try to stay in contact, be willing to go and visit and make the most of opportunities to catch up when they are around, but also remember that some friendships endure and that some friendships are for seasons only.

All the best,

Oluwatosin 2nd year student University of Huddersfield

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