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failing final year

For the past two years my health has been affected tremendously during my law degree for personal reasons ( like my sister passing away from Covid). My objective was to just pass my degree at least with a 2:2 or 2:1 but I end up failing two modules which I did not expect at all. Which means I didn’t passed but I was still able to walk my graduation, because I picked to attend way in advance, does this mean I won’t be able to do my resists???? Also I study law, I know grades do matter but I don’t intend to use my degree. I just want to pass so I can be finished with it .
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I am so sorry to hear of the death of your Sister. Her death is bound to have a huge impact in your own daily life, and on the lives of your family. Often there are no easy answers for coping with the pain of the loss you feel, and no easy answers in the world for why Covid should take her life above the many others who have survived. The raw reality of life at times can be very brutal, very painful and very sad.

Whether you wish to pursue a law based career or not you have invested so much study time and effort to completing your degree you should not give up. Your degree alone will help to open doors for many careers. Go and speak to your tutors and take advice from them as to how you can best finish your degree and how to prepare for any resits. Most Universities will do all they can to help you get through your year. It is in their best interest. Find the welfare support services at your Uni and also seek out the careers advice section to explore what options you have, and to see what career options there are for you - maybe looking with a fresh set of eyes at those jobs you might never once have thought of doing?

It takes a lot of courage to sit your final exams at a time when your heart wasn't in it. You should be proud of your achievements no matter how great or how small and to be able to feel that your Sister would probably not want you to give up or stop striving for what you want to achieve in your own life. Often there is more learning in life from coping with failure, and being determined to succeed. Take comfort and lots of hugs from your friends, and keep going as best you can. I hope you can achieve in your resits and get over the line for the last stage of your degree.

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