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Maintenance loan lower than it should be.

My student finance tuition fee and maintenance loan have just been accepted, however it says the loan is £4400 approximately. I am currently living in a homeless hostel and am a care leaver. I also have no contact with my biological father and haven't for years(mother passed away). Surely I would meet the criteria for the max loan outside of London? My father is wealthy and if it is based off of his pay then I would for sure only get the minimum amount, but as stated I have no contact with him. Is it normal to get the minimum amount then that be adjusted later on or should I be concerned with this? :/

Thanks in advance.
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Hi :biggrin:

Going off what you've said you should be eligible for an 'estranged status' as a student. Although, I'm unsure if you'll be able to change you loan in this academic year you'll be able to when you reapply in the next year.

You'll need to complete a confirmation of estrangement form and have a third party (Known doctor, teacher, support worker etc) sign the document to confirm this. Send this when you reapply and you should be eligible for the maximum maintenance loan. I have attached the student finance advice about applying for loans as an estranged student:

In addition, you should also be able to apply as a care leaver. I'm unsure of this process but I imagine it'll be similar. I have attached a link to this also:

I hope this helps :biggrin:

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