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I can't trust anyone anymore.

Two months ago my siblings and I had a really nasty argument over Messenger that lasted for a whole month.

I found out my sister texted my "best friend" and they were texting back and fourth about me. My best friend was someone I trusted completely. If this was just a friend who had texted my sister I would have just removed them from my life instead of being angry.

My best friend texted my sister everything I've ever told her about that I could trust her with. One example is 4 months ago I was thinking about moving away and she was the only person I told. She then told my sister that and other personal issues.

Since this happened I can't trust anyone at all, I'm still angry about the situation. I consider her to be only a friend now. I used to text her frequently on Facebook but with her telling my sister everything I stopped texting her frequently.

I was so angry that I deleted all social media apps only have WhatsApp now. I turned the read receipts off on WhatsApp so no one can tell when I've read their messages.

Even though this was two months ago I've been feeling really angry and I can't trust anyone. I've met a few people who are attending the same university as me and even though they are friendly and polite I struggled to trust them and interact with them.

Whenever my sister comes to my flat to see me I just want her to go home as soon as she arrives. I just feel anger filling up inside me and the hurt is brought back.

How do I deal with this? I'm really struggling.
Therapy. **** your friend and your sister. Maybe you can cut them off, or severely limit contact. Don't waste too much mental energy on them. Just like a good life. The best revenge is one served cold, i.e. a life well lived.

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