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Can't get a job

Hey all so iv been unemployed since the 7th of feb.
In the past yr iv had 4 jobs but theyv only lasted a month each cos had too many problems in them like making mistakes and finding them difficult so ended up quitting them.
Now m tryna get another job but keep getting rejected and have had loads of interviews too but they reject me too even though m capable of doing these jobs.
M wondering whether they can tell that m not a good worker and won't stick around and that's y m being rejected??
Iv been offered a web development volunteering job with a company called educating beyond borders now working from home but said that they'll consider me for a job after 3 to 6 months once iv finished a task but it won't be with their company it will be freelance work with other companies.
My parents aren't happy with me cos want me to get a paid job and give them money but just can't get 1 so what should I do??

Have you tried going to your local jobcentre?

They will be able to put you in touch with people that can help you with you CV and interviewing techniques, as well as let you know as soon as new roles come up. You can also talk through the issues you had in your previous roles and talk through some coping techniques for how to navigate them if they come up again in a new job. You may be able to do some practice interviews as well. It's always worth contacting the companies you interview with and asking for feedback to improve as well.

This may help with your parents too, as it will show you are trying every avenue open to you to get paid work.

I hope this helps and keep going - I am sure it will go your way soon.

Good luck!

Jenny - a rep from Arts University Plymouth.

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