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Any tips on improving my study methods on biology
- CGP Revision Guide (best in my opinion)
- SaveMyExams for topic questions and past papers
- PhysicsandMathsTutor

- Miss Estruch

Practice, practice, practice!!! Do topic questions after each completed topic, mark it and notice where your weak points are and focus on them more. Towards the exam (3-4 months) just do past papers. Print the past paper, revise the entire syllabus beforehand and them treat the past paper like an actual exam. Mark it, circle the questions you got wrong, and learn how to answer it. Try to do 3 biology past papers each week assuming that you are taking 3 subjects total. That way you'll be revising 3 times a week and know the syllabus like the back of your hand. For biology along with theory its your writing style that matters as well, so practice improving it. Try to make your answers clear and concise unless asked to explain, describe or elaborate. So those questions that you circled previously in the past papers and topic questions, revise them before the exam and try them again without looking at the answer beforehand.
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Any tips on improving my study methods on biology

What exam board are you doing?
I do Edexcel A, which is quite different to most other Biology courses. I think the most important thing is to understand the links between different concepts and processes.
I like to use flashcards (I make mine using StudySmarter) and practise exam questions to improve exam technique.

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