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Would this be good enough to maintain muscle mass?

So I am at the stage where I just want to maintain my physique and muscle mass
let's say if I eat at maintanence calories and protein and do this workout:

Workout A - Monday
Bench press
Barbell Row
Tricep pushdown

Workout B - Thursday
Bench Press

3 - 4 sets 8 - 10 reps

U reckon this is enough to maintain my muscle mass and physique?
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If you're strength training twice a week that is just enough to maintain. Your programme above is not too bad to be fair but I'd take out the isolations considering you'll only be exercising twice a week, I'd just focus on getting your compounds in. I'd tweak it to the one below to make it more efficient and optimal...

Workout A:
Bench Press
Pull ups/chin ups
Overhead press
Barbell row

Workout B:
Bench press
Pullups/chin ups
Db single arm row
Db shoulder press

Instead of bicep curls, I have put in chin ups as you get good bicep activation on this exercise. My thinking was you could do 2 sets of pull ups and 2 sets of chin ups. I have taken out tricep pushdown as you get good activation of the tricep muscle on bench press as well as the use of the pectoral and deltoid muscles. If you want to add in any isolations, I would recommend either db chest flys, db rear delt flys or hamstring curls.
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