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Car speed slows going uphill


For a long time, I've noticed my Avensis isn't picking up speed when going uphill. Going into second gear then third, it stays at 20mph and doesn't naturally pick up. It doesn't decrease either so I'm able to get by but think it needs checking out. Google says it could be the oil / fuel filter? How much would it cost for a mechanic to clean it?

Not sure if it's unrelated but another issue worrying me is the oil light flickering which I've been trying to top up slowly but I think I'm not putting in enough oil and when I check the dipstick, I can't seem to figure out how much oil is on it!

Also recently noticed when I put my engine oil in, the surrounding cover seems stained? Previously, there's very minor spillage around the entry point (got a funnel now) but never as it's showing. Picture attached.

Any helpful guidance would be appreciated as always 👍🏽
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It looks like there is an oil leak of some sort here, which might result in a low oil level which of course is a concern. Whether or not this is the cause of the poor hill acceleration is another question. The oil and fuel filters are replacement items at set service intervals. Sounds like you car needs a trip to a garage for diagnosis and a service. My cost estimate £100-£250, presuming there’s nothing serious wrong
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I've not seen any oil patches underneath my car so perhaps isn't a leak.
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Original post by Aky786UK
I've not seen any oil patches underneath my car so perhaps isn't a leak.

I could just be the remnants of a spill. A fine leak with oil mist is possible if the seal at the cap or dipstick is damaged
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My car is due for a service soon (about to hit 12,000 miles) so hope any issues can be sorted during that. I rang a few mechanics near my work, one seemed bemused it was the oil filter whilst the other seemed to agree the oil filter may be clogged up.

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