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driving test nerves and driving anxiety

so i've been learning to drive since january, had a test in april and flunked it which is fine, and i have my second coming up this month. i still do learn but i realise i have so much anxiety when it comes to driving, especially from other drivers. they truly freak me out by how impatient they be or how close they drive behind me when i am quite literally going at the speed limit!! i only ever get freaked out on the roads due to other drivers and obviously i just have to deal with that, but how am i going to get over that anxiety in time for my second test? im beginning to lose whatever little confidence i had in my driving and am afraid i'll fail this too. i also dont want to get my hopes up and tell myself i'll pass or else, as i go, i'll just be severely disappointed in myself. i do like to drive, but i just hate when i mess up, or if other drivers are just hounding me. i really want to get my license before i start my second year at uni so i can stop getting rides there and vice versa. ahhh i dont know how to stop being so anxious about this. how does one stay calm whilst controlling such a vehicle like that?!
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Keep doing mock tests with your instructor and buy some calms and take them to make sure they work. I suffer from anxiety die to stress and I always get mine when I do my driving tests I have failed twice before because of it it was actually the examiner himself that told me to buy calms and book a Sunday test when they come avaliable and early in the morning so there's not many cars on the road. I hope this helps. I have my 3rd test very soon too I have my calms and its on a Sunday early morning so I can't really go wrong.
I hope this helps

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