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Driving test

I have my driving test in 4 weeks I suffer from anxiety and get nervous being watched looking for any advice that will help any suggestions appreciated
Hi @Clairebennett19,

Your driving test is without a doubt a stressful time, and it's perfectly natural to feel this way, I certainly did when I had mine.

Here's a few tips that might be useful for managing nerves and anxiety:

Talk to your instructor about your nerves and they will reassure you, I've learned from experience with this type of thing that you feel much better when you are open about it and people can help you overcome the anxiety.

If you still have a few lessons before your test, be sure to focus on areas that make you stressed when driving, the more you do it, the more comfortable you'll be.

Be sure to get a good nights sleep the night before the test itself.

At the start of your test, take your time, get ready to set off, doing your checks, seatbelt, adjusting the seat etc, if you make sure you're fully prepared at the start and don't rush, it will help you settle in for the rest of the test.

If during your test you come across an unexpected situation or something you are unsure on how to approach, take your time and consider you approach.

Don't let any faults you think you make pull you down, keep a good focus and think about passing rather than failing.

These are a handful of tips I used but keeping a positive mindset is crucial with your driving test as it sets you up for success, and be sure to talk to your driving instructor about it as they'll be able to offer their advice too.

I hope these help and best of luck with your test!

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