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I am an economics undergraduate Kent student - Ask Me Anything!

Hi everyone,

I'm a first year Economics student at the University of Kent. I'm really enjoying my course so far and I've learned a lot. I'm also really enjoying living in Canterbury, which is a beautiful city.

I'm starting this thread to answer any questions you may have about Economics at Kent or about life as a student in Canterbury. I've included some of the questions I think people might ask below, but please do feel free to ask anything else you're curious about.

What is the Economics course like at Kent?

What are the teaching staff like here at Kent?

What are the facilities like?

What is the social life like in Canterbury?

What are the job prospects like after graduating?

What is life in general like here in Canterbury?

I'm looking forward to answering your questions!


David :smile:
University of Kent Rep
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What is life in general like in Canterbury? Also, what's your current dream holiday destination?
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Winter time, University of Kent
University of Kent
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Original post by Amb/conf
What is life in general like in Canterbury? Also, what's your current dream holiday destination?

Hi Amb/conf,

Thanks for your question regarding general life in Canterbury, as well as my own dream holiday.

Personally, I've loved living in Canterbury so far. Though I've lived in the accomadation on campus rather than in the city (the two are a bit seperate as campus is on a hill - makes for a beautiful view), I still wander around through the city on a weekly basis. Personally, it's something out of a Disney movie.

You have the obvious - a giant, historical, and gorgeous cathedral which you can see from the edge of the city centre and which is just brimming with detail both on the outside and inside. The streets are full of life, quite clean, and inside the city, there's hardly ever any cars, meaning you can explore all the different shops, roads, alleyways, and just have an all-around pleasant time.
From my own experience, Canterbury is a very safe city, there are a lot of nice lights (not too harsh) around during night time (especially during Christmas), and it does also have some good nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and the like - I really want to visit this place called Tokyo Tea Rooms.

It's quite well connected in terms of public transportation, 2 train stations, a plethora of buses which will transport you directly from Uni to either the City Centre, the beautiful coastal towns, other regions of Kent, and London as well.
There's a wide variety of shops, which will probably cater to all your needs (and wants), but most importantly for me, there's a very useful aldi on the edge of the city centre by a bus stop which makes getting groceries so much easier. However, if you're crazy and for some reason don't like aldi, don't worry - there are also other shops like Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, etc. - you know, it's a city.

I hope this helps with your question about general life in Canterbury, if not, please don't hesitate to ask more questions. :smile:

As for my dream holiday destination, I have so many haha. I don't know, if I had to choose only one, maybe I'd go for somewhere either tropical beachy, or historical. Maybe Goa, in India - or Havana? Oh that's tricky. I'll choose Havana for now, just cause I like the song. What's yours?

Again, if you do happen to have any more questions, or you want me to clarify my answer, please feel free to ask :smile:.

Have a lovely night.

University of Kent Rep

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