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Regional Training Contract

Hi everyone. I’m a first class law graduate from a Russel Group University, who has just received a training contract offer for a large national firm (similar size to DAC Beachcroft) in Manchester. I live in London currently, and was wondering the likelihood of securing an NQ role in London after qualifying? Am I better off declining and reapplying to London firms, accepting or asking for an internal transfer later on? I would rather live in Manchester, but do not want to limit my chances by qualifying in the regions.
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You might get some more responses by posting directly in the law careers forum, but in short moving at NQ level and above is *much* easier that getting a training contract and junior lawyers once qualified move from the regions to London (and vice-versa) all the time.

It won't be a problem moving from a Beachcroft(ish) size firm to London. Ditto you can always ask Beachcroft later if you can move to the London office when it comes to applying for NQ roles etc...

The only slight caution I'd add is that it can be a little easier to move firms at 1-2 years PQE as there tend to be more roles available and you're less of a gamble as a new hire than as an NQ, which would lend to 3-4 years in Manchester, but this isn't absolute and moving at NQ level is entirely possible and isn't rare at all.

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