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Cheating in exams

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So back in my I had my semester 2 exams. I saw a lot of people cheating. When I say cheating, I mean they would send pics of the exam to someone who would solve the questions and they would use their solutions in the exam. I noticed two people do this (and so have my peers) and I’m genuinely infuriated about this, as some of my peers and I are resitting and have a lot on the line right now and have also developed some bad habits due to stress and are having a lot of physical issues due to stress. Bacically everyones mental health has been at an all time low, I can’t really say without getting this post flagged. I’ve tried sending an anonymous note (my uni has a option to do that, it’s more for bullying, abuse etc but that was the only way I could send an anonymous message)

I honestly don’t know if I’m just being stupid. As it’s not like they are sneaking a little note (people have done that and it’s hasn’t bothered me), it’s the phone users that do.

So anyone know how I can do something about this, ideally anonymously.
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You have two options. Focus on what you are going only or report the offenders knowing you may end up facing repercussions or reprisals.

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