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A level psychology 16 mark essays

I'm doing edexcel psychology and we just started the criminal topic where we're doing 16 markers for the first time. I don't really know how to structure them as the A01 A03 marks vary depending on if there's a scenario.

My teacher said that the structure is:
Point - A01
Example - A01
Explain - A03

I'm also not sure what the a01 'example' bit refers to as we do 'evidence' for PEEs instead for 8 markers, not example

I don't really know how to structure the A01 and A03 in 16 markers, especially for the non-scenario questions as they're not equally weighted.

Does anyone have any advice on the structure?
Sorry you've not had any responses about this. :frown: Are you sure you've posted in the right place? :smile: Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there. :redface:

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