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Sheffield Student accomidation - Shared bathroom, and Crewe

Sheffield Univeristy has 3 shared bathroom options, Endcliffe Vale, Endcliffe Cresent and Crewe.

They rank:


Vale - Pros: Were the cheapest in 2023, they are recently renovated so are very nice inside with big open kitchens, the bed rooms have carpet and a built in wardrobe and a big shelf above the desk, the middle flats (floor 1) have balconies that you can sit out on. Cons: The bedrooms aren't the biggest, the ground floor and top floor flats don't have balconies.


Cresent - Pros: The flats are smaller with about 6 people each, are relativley new so no peeling paint or anything, have big windows, each room has a desk and set of drawers, is very close to the Edge, and is probably the closest block of flats to Broomhill. Cons: The kitchens are small which means not everyone can cook at once and they're bad for pres, the rooms aren't very big (the end rooms are the biggest), only 1 shower between everyone.


Crewe - Pros: Some flats have massive rooms (M, P, S), they have 2 toilets and 2 showers if youre in a bigger flat, Crewe has its own green space and there's a tennis court you can use, it's closest to Wether spoons, and has a flatter and quicker route to univeristy, the rooms often have big windows. Cons: Not all the flats are the same, bc it's on old building not all the flats are uniform - they range in 10-4 people to a flat, some of the rooms are very very big, some are very very small (H,I), some people wont even have a sink bc the rooms dont accomdate it, some flats are very far from the main door and you will have to go up 3 flights of steps to get to them (L,K), some flats are slip across floors - the rooms are at the top of the stairs and the kitchen is down a flight of stairs, you are further from Endliffe which means you can miss out on freshers flat parties and you have to walk to get the the edge.

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