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Should I transfer to my local school or stay at Harris Westmister?

It takes about 50 mins to an hour to get there,meaning I lose about 2hrs in between trips. They also set 4hrs of HW which I can necessarily handle but the thing is that I'm doing a online course called Icanstudy which is very good and I'm not willing to take time away from. The main issue is the time wasted due to the commute and the whether I will be able to finish the HW whilst also giving time to my online course. The online course itself requires me do study daily the content learnt but in a different way and cannot be replaced by HW. I'm require to also do a weekly review within their guidelines which may take time during the weekend. There is also the need for me to progress through this online course that makes this more difficult. Since, I also have to do human things unrelated to academics I'm not sure how I am supposed to manage my weekends whilst also having time to relax. If I go to the local sixth form. I will have a shorter commute and more time I guess since there some enrichment task would not be compulsory and I would benefit from this time to spend it on my course. Anyway, I'm worried I would not be able to pull of the A* on my subjects ( I do maths,bio,chem,spanish). Also I apply for bursaries too so I need to do the HW in order to get it . I could solve the issue by cycling to HWSF but not sure if I'll do that and it would fix the fact that I have more HW and have to enrichment that's compulsory. So ,there's the dilemma .... any thoughts would be appreciated and anyone reading this should sign up to this course..just saying.
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