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Run times slowly declining

For a number of years I was an avid runner and during lockdown when all the gyms were shut my average running pace was around 7:10 minutes per mile. When the gyms reopened due to knee problems I was having I decided to give up running and go back to the gym and swimming etc.

I have been for a 4 mile run this morning and looking on Strava I have actually only run outdoors 14 times this year. On the 1st January my pace was 7:38 minutes per mile, then in May it had dropped to 7:52 minutes per mile and this morning it was 8:05 minutes per mile, however that was quicker than the run I did last week which was 8:14 minutes per mile.

Is it normal for my pace to decline so rapidly?
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Running 'pace' can be affected by so many different things.

Viral infections can play havoc on your fitness. Often it is in your recovery phase, where placing additional 'loads' on the body system by over exercising allows the virus to take get a hold again and it slows down your whole system.

If you over run and don't rest in-between sessions your legs will feel like lead weights

Diet is critical too - lots of fresh fruit & veg and plenty of water

If you have put any weight on it will slow you down

If you have changed trainers and they are a bad fit or excessively cushioning it can slow your pace

If you run on different terrain, awkward junctions, obstructions, slippery surfaces it can slow your pace

Be patient, alter your pace, change your length of run and above all keep enjoying your running. Make running pain free, and free from injury your goal. If you have had knee problems get a knee MOT from a good physiotherapist. Run to enjoy and ignore the timings.

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