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Which medical school should I apply to?

I'm currently taking a gap year, as I have been rejected by all my uni choices. I am resitting the UCAT and got a score of 2770 B3 last year, I can get around the same or maybe higher this year.


9 - Biology, 888 - Chemistry, Physics, Maths, 7 - Geography, 666 - Business, English Lit and Lang, D* - IT


A - Psychology

A - Biology

B - Chemistry

The B in chemistry has made my application very disappointing, and I am gutted.

Can someone please tell me where to apply, last year I qualified for ARU widening application to medicine, and got a reduced offer for AAB, so I'm planning to apply this year

Contextual Flags: Received UCAT bursary, I live in a POLAR 4 quintile 2 area

If there are any foundation courses or contextual requirements I meet please let me know

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