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Should i finish A-levels FM??

Last year i decided to take A-Levels in Geography, Economics, Maths and Further Maths, with the intention of applying for Maths and Economics at Bath uni. However, since year 12, I have fallen out of love for Maths and just want to study Economics at university and so no longer need FM. My prdicted grades for my other subjests are AAA. I feel I have 3 options but dont know what to do:
1) Stick with FM and aim for their Alternative offer of AAAB (B in FM)
2) My school did not take the AS exam for FM, but I may be able to take it in year 13, In the case I could aim for the offer of AAAA (A in AS FM)
3)Drop FM entirely, despite learning much of the 1st year, I could drop FM and ask my Maths teach if I could get an A* predicted in Maths and then aim for the main offer of A*AA.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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I would say drop it so you can focus on only 3 subjects and get better grades for them than doing four. You could end up with getting two A* if you put the work in :smile:

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